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Thank you for taking an interest in adopting a ferret from Little Paws Ferret Rescue.

We are a ferret rescue rather than a breeder or pet shop. We do not breed kits and we do not recommend kits for first time owners. Our ferrets come with the benefit of being neutered and microchipped. We assess the temperament and personality of every single one and match them up to the right home. The ferrets listed below may not suit you or your experience level. They may not fit in with your current ferrets. Please keep an open mind when choosing and please don't overlook the albinos as we think they are absolutely perfect. 


Our animals all deserve the best homes so we hope you don't mind us doing a few quick checks? 

Before applying to adopt from us, please ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Ferrets live on average 7 to 10 years (sometimes even longer) - are you able to provide care for your new pet for this long? Even when your children have grown up and left home?

  2. Ferrets are not cheap pets. If you are unable to buy a suitable hutch or run for them, you are probably unable to afford vet bills if something goes wrong. Are you financially able to care for ferrets?

  3. Ferrets need a lot of space and plenty of time out of the cage (3 to 4 hours per day). Please click here see the minimum cage requirements that we expect our ferrets to have. Are you willing to give up a lot of space for your the ferrets and give them the time they need to make them happy?

  4. Ferrets are not childrens' pets. The responsibility of pets should be taken on by adults. If the children enjoy spending time with the ferrets, that is a bonus. Are you buying pets for your children or for the whole family?

Little Paws Ferret Rescue offer a lifetime rescue back up. We retain ownership of the ferrets and they must be returned to the rescue if you can no longer care for them.

Couple adopting ferrets

Rehoming Process

We have lots of ferrets needing homes below:

We recommend that you visit the rescue and meet the ferrets so that you can assess their temperament to make sure that they are the right fit for you and your home.

If you are adopting a ferret to join an existing ferret or business of ferrets then we highly recommend that you bring them along to meet prospective new friends and to check that they get along together.

Adoptions Fees

We are trying to do what we can to keep the number of abandoned/neglected ferrets to a minimum,by making sure we have all of our ferrets neutered. Ferrets will not be rehomed until they are over 12 weeks old.


When you adopt a ferret from the rescue you will be fully responsible for providing suitable housing, feeding and medical costs of the ferret.​


The adoption fee is:


£55 for one ferret to join an existing group (As a rule we do not rehome a ferret to live on it's own unless the ferret does not get on with other ferrets)

£50 per ferret when adopting multiple ferrets at the same time.

All of our ferrets are vaccinated against Canine Distemper, microchipped and neutered (if they are too young for neuter then you will need to return them to the rescue for neuter when they are old enough).

This fee contributes towards vaccination, microchip and neutering​

(The total cost to the rescue per ferret is over £100 minimum)


Ferrets Available for Adoption

Last updated 16/07/2024

Bombproof Ferrets

Suitable for first time owners, families and those who are wanting to build their confidence. The ferrets are friendly and happy to be held. Unlikely to nip (unless stressed or frightened).

Ferrets Needing a Little More Experience

These ferrets are a little more difficult to handle. They may be rough players or give the occasional nip. Kits usually fall into this category as they need confident handling, further training and are prone to nipping. They may also have health or other behavioural issues that need a knowledgable handler.

Ferrets Needing an Experienced (Brave) Owner

This category include the biters who are extremely likely to bite and need to be handled with care by experienced and committed owners. Given the right care and handling these ferrets can become friendly and trusting but an owner needs to be committing to the long haul if they do not. These ferrets need consistancy and patience to allow them to live their best life.

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