Rehoming Process

We have lots of ferrets needing homes below:

We recommend that you visit the rescue and meet the ferrets so that you can assess their temperament to make sure that they are the right fit for you and your home.

If you are adopting a ferret to join an existing ferret or business of ferrets then we highly recommend that you bring them along to meet prospective new friends and to check that they get along together.


​This fee contributes towards vaccination, microchip and neutering​ (The total cost to the rescue per ferret is over £100 minimum)

The adoption fee is:


£45 for one ferret to join an existing group (As a rule we do not rehome a ferret to live on it's own unless the ferret does not get on with other ferrets)

£40 per ferret when adopting multiple ferrets at the same time.

All of our ferrets are vaccinated against Canine Distemper, Microchipped and neutered (if they are too young for neuter then you will need to return them to the rescue for neuter when they are old enough).


Due to the current Corvid-19 crisis and social distancing measures we are not currently rehoming ferrets. We are unable to neuter or vaccinate which is essential before ferrets are rehomed. We will endeavour to keep the website up to date and as soon as we are able to get medical procedures back on track we will try to get rehoming visits booked in.


Our main priority is to keep our volunteers, visitors and the ferrets safe but we are looking forward to reopening and meeting you all.  

Ferrets Available for Adoption


Ferne is a neutered jill who was found in Lumley and taken to Cestria Vets. They contacted the rescue for help and she has been here for over a year now.

Ferne is needs an experienced and confident owner as she can be a little nippy but has recently found her mojo and started to play.


Sid is a lovely albinio boy. He is neutered and around 18 months old. He does need a bit more handling and to learn a few manners but nothing major.


Tonks, Delphi, Andromeda, Astoria and Sybil

Friendly albino jill, currently living with four other cage mates.

Require neuter and vaccinations



Friendly Dark Eyed white hob. Likes other ferrets. Father to Barty and currently living with him and Sid.

Awaiting Vaccinations



Very friendly light silver hob. recently castrated and will be tested with other ferrets very soon.

Required vaccinations



Dalton is a lovely poley boy. He is a great natured hob and very friendly.

He will be neutered and vaccinated soon.



Polecat hob. Very friendly but currently very noisy, stinky and hormonal. He will be neutered very soon and will be able to find a friend or two.



Pretty, young albino jill who likes people and ferrets. She was found as a stray in some woods and will make a lovely first time ferret friend.

Will be neutered and vaccinated soon.



Dodger is a rough diamond at the moment. He is a young lad but hasnt had the best start. We will work on building his weight and condition while he is under behaviour assessment.



Pebbles is a small sandy jill with a big personality. She is very friendly and likes other ferrets.

Awaiting Neuter and vaccinations



Friendly polecat hob. very quiet and loving nature. Likes other ferrets.

Awaiting vaccinations


Poppy, Sky and Polly

These girls are very loving and perfect for first time owners. Two light silver and one darker.

Requires Neuter and vaccinations



Marcus is a young poley hob. he is still very hormonal and will be tested with other ferrets once his hormones reduce.

Requires Vaccinations



Lovely natured dark eyed white hob. He has been on his own all his life so we will be trying him out with other ferrets following his neuter and vaccinations.



Tulip is a very sweet silver jill who loves humans and is still getting used to ferrets. She is adapting well after being kept alone and in season too long.


Watch This Space

We endeavour to update the website as often as possible. New ferrets come in every week and we need to have them neutered, vaccinated and behaviour tested before we advertise them.



Brock cane to us in January as a stray and had a very large abscess on the front of his neck which appears to be from a cat bite. He is now on the road to recovery and starting to gain some weight. Available soon.



Raine is a dark sandy jill. she has a lovely temperament and now happily lives with other ferrets.

Requires neuter and vaccination



Young sandy boy, very playful and likes other ferrets.

Can nip when excited and needs a little work but nothing major.

Awaiting vaccinations



Penny is a beautiful polecat jill. she came in with a large abscess on her neck and needed extensive vets treatment to save her. Awaiting neuter and vaccinations. Happy to live with other ferrets.


Tofu and Feta

Beautiful young albino girls who are very suitable for first timers.

The girls will be neutered and vaccinated soon



young cinnamon coloured boy with a fab nature. He will be neutered and vaccinated then we will find him a friend or two.



Falcon is a lovely poley jill who was found wandering as a stray in Easington. She is very friendly and likes a cuddle. Still a bit bossy with other ferrets but starting to settle in a little group.


Watch This Space

We endeavour to update the website as often as possible. New ferrets come in every week and we need to have them neutered, vaccinated and behaviour tested before we advertise them.


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