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Rehoming Process

We have lots of ferrets needing homes below:

We recommend that you visit the rescue and meet the ferrets so that you can assess their temperament to make sure that they are the right fit for you and your home.

If you are adopting a ferret to join an existing ferret or business of ferrets then we highly recommend that you bring them along to meet prospective new friends and to check that they get along together.


​This fee contributes towards vaccination, microchip and neutering​ (The total cost to the rescue per ferret is over £100 minimum)

The adoption fee is:


£45 for one ferret to join an existing group (As a rule we do not rehome a ferret to live on it's own unless the ferret does not get on with other ferrets)

£40 per ferret when adopting multiple ferrets at the same time.

All of our ferrets are vaccinated against Canine Distemper, Microchipped and neutered (if they are too young for neuter then you will need to return them to the rescue for neuter when they are old enough).

Ferrets Available for Adoption

**Reserved** Pongo is a lovely albino boy who was surrendered to the rescue. He is neutered and around 2 years old. Pongo currently lives in a group with Gypsy, Freddie and Benny.


Kitty is a young poley jill. At a year old she has recently lost her sister and found herself in the rescue so we will be looking to pair her up with a friend. she will be booked for neuter shortly.




Foxy is a beautiful young albino boy who was found straying. He had unfortunately made his way into a chicken coop. He is neutered and very friendly.




Ase is a six month old albino boy. He is very active and friendly and he is very chunky. He will need someone to continue his nip training so grown up homes  or lots of experience only.



***Reserved***Harmony is a lovely young albino jill who came in as a stray. She is very friendly and easy to handle. Good with other ferrets. Will need neuter when old enough.




Fifi os a very small, young, dark silver jill. She was found as a stray and needs to learn how to socialise with other ferrets. She will need to be neutered, vaccinated and microchipped before she can be placed in a home.



Charlotte is a young albinio jill who was found as a stray. She has a lovely temperament and likes other ferrets. She will be spayed once old enough



Holly is currently unavailable as she is undergoing treatment for a large abscess. She has battled through great illness and has shown nothing but love throughout her ordeal. Whoever rehomes this little beauty is very lucky.




**Reserved** Cheeky Freddie is a young Poley hob who was found as a stray. He is quite shy and quiet but we are working to build his confidence.

He has been neutered and once his hormones have dropped he will find a friend..



Benny is a lovely Bino hob. He has very poor vision and will need to get used to his surroundings and have a stable place to call home. He is recently neutered and will be able to find a friend soon.



Timothina is a lovely and friendly albino jill. She came into rescue heavily pregnant and successfully raised six kits. She will be neutered very soon and looking for her forever home.



Willow is a beautiful Poley jill. She has a very nervous nature and is still trying to get over her fear of other ferrets though we are optimistic that she will come round.




***Reserved***Cuthbert is a silver hob who came in as a stray. He is only young but has had a hard start. His feet were covered in urine burns and his fur is currently stained yellow from living in dirty conditions.



Avery is a lovely natured poley jill. She is around 3-4 years old and currently living alone.  Very friendly with people.




**Reserved** Chaos is a lovely sandy boy with a big personality. He is very friendly and loves other ferrets. Awaiting neuter.



We regularly get new ferrets into the rescue. We endeavour to update the website regularly so watch this space.



Watch This Space

Ferne is a neutered jill who was found in Lumley and taken to Cestria Vets. They contacted the rescue for help and she has been here for over a year now.

Ferne is needs an experienced and confident owner as she can be a little nippy but has recently found her mojo and started to play.


***Reserved***This pair of clowns need a new loving owner. Their owners cannot look after them after a change of circumstances. They are only recently bonded but need to stay together. Custard is very cuddly and easy going but Rhubarb needs someone who can work to build his confidence and trust. 


Rhubarb and Custard

Vali is a beautiful albino jill. She is six months old and a very confident ferret already. She is still a bit nippy so will need someone to continue her training.




Romulus is a lovely bino boy. He recently lost his brother but is coping well in a group. He needs some time and patience to help him settle.



Zena is a young light silver jill. She needs to be neutered, vaccinated and microchipped before she can be placed in a home. She also needs to learn how to be sociable with other ferrets




These young poley girls are beautiful natured and love people. They have recently be seriously ill and are now going from strength to strength.



Ivy and Iris

**Reserved** These boys are a fabulous pair of nutters. Very friendly and sociable.

Awaiting Neuter


Homer and Bart

We regularly get new ferrets into the rescue. We endeavour to update the website regularly so watch this space.



Watch This Space