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Flo & Jasper

Say hello to Flo and Jasper, two beautiful ferrets looking for homes through Little Paws Ferret Rescue.
Flo is a diddy little girl we think aged around 3-4 years old. Flo has been a mammy in the past to a litter of babies. Through no fault of her own her babies were born with swimmers and came into the rescue for extra special care. So Flo wouldn’t grieve too much, she adopted Jasper who was also a youngster at the time but in great health and they bonded very closely. Jasper was surrendered in the rescue with his litter mates as a baby. In rescue, Flo has given the odd nip, however, out in a home she is much more settled and there is absolutely nothing behind her sass at all. Jasper is energetic and bomb proof. 
I am a playful girl and love my baby Jasper who is my best friend. My recent foster mum has said I am made up of 50% sass and 50% cuddle and I like the sound of that. I feel very settled in a home, especially when there are scrunchy toys, these are the best! When I’m finished with the scrunchy toys and playing with Jasper I am programmed to require a big cuddle and that is where I shall stay. Head rubs and chest scritches please. 
I am 2 years old and very young at heart. I LOVE to play but I’m not too fussed really for a snuggle. I love my adopted mum and best friend Flo very much, she’s a good play mate. I’ve heard I am very easy going but I have been known to levitate onto higher surfaces. My favourite one recently has been a radiator. I am the best climber! There’s never anything up there though but I just can’t help myself and it’s always best to continually check. I don’t want to miss anything. 
Flo and Jasper are lovely and both available for adoption. Jasper is neutered but Flo will need the jill jab if she comes into season which will be covered by the rescue. 
Someone who has kept ferrets before so has a little experience will be perfect for these two. Flo has been extremely well behaved on her foster holidays with me and there have been no real nipping concerns. She can sometimes give a little mouth but there is nothing behind this and she is very loving. Jasper has been absolutely fine.
Please do get in touch if you would like to know more information or are interested in adopting Flo and Jasper. Ideally we would love for them to stay together.

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