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Poppy & Batty

Poppy and Batty are 2 sweet girls around 1 - 1.5 years old. Batty was born in rescue after her mum was found as a stray. Poppy was found by a member of the public caught in a barbaric Fenn trap. She had no use of one of her shoulders and arms and was very much in pain and shock. We had her x-rayed, where it was revealed that her shoulder was broken and we thought that once she was strong enough she would need to have the leg amputated. However her shoulder healed itself and she now has full use of all of her legs and is a happy little girl. Poppy and Batty can test boundaries with new people, although they have never bitten anyone hard. They are more mouthy. Poppy is also a great escape artist and requires a very ferret proof home. As such, we recommend that any potential owner has owned ferrets previously and is confident with them. With confident handling, these girls are lovely and will make wonderful pets.

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