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As a charity we rely heavily on volunteers and we are always looking for dependable volunteers. Are you interested in volunteering positions?

We have no specific criteria for volunteers in terms of skills, knowledge & abilities other than the following which is not negotiable;

  • Over 14's Please - we require parental consent for anyone under 16. 

    • The positions available to under 18s are limited for safety. Contact us for more info.

  • Time Commitment

    • Rescue work places demands on people’s time, often unexpectedly & at unsocial / inconvenient times. Please take this into consideration prior to volunteering.

  • Personal Data

    • All volunteers must complete a volunteering application form which will be stored and used in compliance with GDPR.

    • Effective communication is an essential requirement & up to date contact details are needed.

  • Animal Welfare and Safeguarding

    • Little Paws Ferret Rescue are dedicated to preserving & protecting the welfare needs of the ferrets in our care and we expect this of all volunteers. Due to the rescue working with vulnerable children and adults we reserve the right to request references and carry out police checks. We will not accept volunteers that have been banned from keeping animals and we reserve the right to refuse or remove any volunteer that gives us concern about animal care practices, animal welfare or the safety of vulnerable people.

Become a Volunteer


Rescue Volunteer

In the Rescue Itself

The main rescue site houses between 40 and 70 ferrets at any one time and these need to be cleaned, fed and watered and exercised. This position is usually weekends or evenings.

Ferret In A trap

Response Team

We have a team of dedicated volunteers that respond to emergency and planned collection of ferrets throughout the North East, UK. They often travel up to 50 miles and drop off at the rescue or local vets. We cover mileage at 25p per mile.

Volunteer at a ferret show

Shows and Events Volunteer

At shows and Events

Little Paws Ferret Rescue hold ferret shows two to three times a year and also hold other events like the camping trip. Volunteers are needed to act as stewards, judges, kitchen and stall assistants, etc..

Promotional Display

Marketing Team

The rescue has a website, Facebook Page, Instagram, blogs, TikTok, Merchandise, Twitter and many graphic design jobs that need volunteers to manage.

Volunteer fosterer

Ferret Fostering

Home based

The rescue often take in ferrets that are old, sick, aggressive or hormonal and many need a one to one environment to help them recover and get ready to be rehomed.


Building Team

Mainly at the Rescue

The rescue is growing and building all the time. We have a lot of maintenance work to do as well as building new play areas, new housing, replacing old timber and starting new projects.

Promotional stands

PR Event Volunteer

In-Store or Events

The rescue regularly carry out in-store PR activity in Pets at Home Byker which includes handling ferrets, chatting with shoppers, answering questions about ferrets, fundraising and sales. 

Fundraising Volunteers


As a charity we rely on donations and fundraising to operate our services. Without donations we will not be able to help ferrets in need. If you have a skill, craft or you have things to sell or you want to run a fundraiser in our name, contact the rescue

Volunteering Support And Training

Volunteering is a voluntary act of an individual or group freely giving time and labour for community service. Although the position is unpaid, we will reimburse any out of pocket expenses that you incur. 

Some positions are subject to full clean driving licence and being fully insured. We reserve the right to request evidence of this.

The rescue is currently developing a range of training courses to ensure that our volunteers are knowledgeable and experienced enough to work with ferrets in a professional, humane and safe manner. Volunteers represent our rescue and must always consider the welfare of animals and the reputation of the rescue when working on our behalf.

Become a Volunteer Now

If you wish to volunteer for the rescue then you can complete an online application form to begin the process.

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