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The Story of why I am Always Late for Work!

The story of why I never get to work on time!

My alarm went off at 6am, however in my tired state, my errant arm sneakily pressed the snooze button! THREE TIMES!!!

I dragged myself out of bed thirty minutes late and threw on some random, non-matching outfit from the bedroom floor and ran out the door with the dogs.

After being dragged around the usual route for an hour I get home to start the chores.

I needed to do the laundry but realised that the person who had attempted this job before me had filled the washer but failed to start the program.

Grumbling under my breath, I start the feeding regime. My house ferret comes out to play while I prepare meals enough for a zoo full of animals.

I feed the tortoise, almost volleying the bowl at the wall as errant ferret decides on a ninja style toe attack. Balance restored, Dolly the tortoise received her greens fresh from the kitchen floor!

After feeding the fish, preparing ferret breakfast soupy with meds in and feeding the dogs I start on the main business! The ferrets!

I start with water bottles and low and behold the water pixies have come and emptied every single one through the night! I disengage all bottles and head to the kitchen. While at the sink I pass the kitchen bin, which is overflowing and trying to make its own way to the front door to be emptied!

I empty the bin and hear a noise from outside so I go to investigate. Several hormonal ferrets are playing the bongos on their cage doors but all is well. While there I start to fill food bowls but notice that several cages are starting a poo collection in the corner so I start to muck out.

Before long the bin is full so I carry it out to be emptied. While passing another cage I realise that they are patiently awaiting their breakfast which I forgot about because I got distracted with poo corners. Down goes the bin while I go get the scoop of food for them. They each get a cuddle in apology for having to wait an extra seven minutes for food. Bad Mam!

Collecting the abandoned receptacle and continue to empty the bin. As I pass through the kitchen I realise that I have left the water bottles by the sink when I got distracted and now the ferrets are still waiting for water. Bin is once again abandoned and the bottle filling resumes. 18 bottles filled and installed.

I check that everyone is fed, watered and clean and notice that I have dropped some shavings and bits of food on the floor when cleaning. I need to keep everything clean to avoid pests. MUST CLEAN! Taking out the brush, I sweep the yard, creating a neat little pile for the bin. Then I remembering that it was once again abandoned in the kitchen on the way to emptying it. Dash to empty the bin post haste before the dogs raid it!

On my return to complete brushing up the muck pile on the floor I discover that Billy wind has visited and scattered my pile to the four corners of the earth, requiring me to start the process again!

All this before breakfast, which I eat at my desk every morning after apologising for being late again! Good job I have an understanding workplace!

Picture of the unapologetic small ninja for attention as she is cute!

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